Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fall Obsessions: 50 Shades of Crimson

I am going crazy over every shade of red this fall.

Bordeaux, Oxblood, Burgundy, Crimson, Maroon, Wine, Auburn...whatever you want to call it...
it's legit.

I know I have this unrealistic expectation for fall to magically bestow itself upon the steamy, soon-to-be month of September in Houston...but I will continue to summon the fall weather.

In the meantime these are my favorite shades of crimson....

Topshop Knitted High Neck Jumper

Diane von Furstenberg Liluye One-Shoulder Dress
Target Oxford Loafer
***Budget friendly find sold out in stores but check your local Tarjayyy*** 

xo brooke

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fall Obsessions: Leather + Mixed Media

Fall has always been my favorite time of year due in part to Fall fashion.
There is nothing I love more than layering and outerwear! I am really into the mixed media look of leather/denim and leather/khaki or any leather sleeve at all.
Here are my most wanted + some of my favorite looks....
Mixed Media





xo brooke

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Etsy Faves Part IV: Letterpress Goodness

My favorite paper finds lately have been Etsy letterpress cards, stationary etc.

I know that one of my favorite things is receiving a card for a special occasion or just wishing me a happy day. I also love giving and receiving pretty paper as a gift.
 I really want to make it a priority to send little notes more's all about the little, thoughtful things afterall, isn't it?

Here are my favorite finds this week..

And check out these adorbs coasters...

Loving this calendar too...

xo brooke

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bloggers Love Zara

I remember walking the streets of Florence, Italy circa 2005 while visiting my dear friend Erica while she was studying abroad. I recall walking past a store called Zara and doing a double-take. "What's Zara?" I asked Erica. She shrugged and said "Don't know...some Euro-trendy store." I was curious and decided to take a gander. I remember the moment I walked in and saw what I assumed would be  expensive pieces a college student wouldn't be able to thankful I was wrong!

That was the moment I began my love affair with Zara.
Once I was back in the US I was sad I didn't have any access to my favorite store.
I was hoping the US would get in on that action but didn't know when.
Fortunately I would only have to wait 1 year for the Houston store to open.

Once Zara opened a store convenient for me to frequent I ofcourse still wanted access to shop online. Little did I know that September 7, 2012 would be that "life-altering" day :)

As I started reading blogs and blogging myself I began to realize how the bloggers have really helped grow Zara's business. I know personally everytime I read blogs and see items I like 9 times our of 10 it's from Zara. One of my most favorite finds and my most complimented pair of heels are these babies.....which I have in the black version and the green/blue combo!




And my version poorly photographed version of rocking my favorites....

And my prediction for the fall Zara "blogger faves"...

Can't wait to get these Studded Booties on my feet!
What are your Zara favorites? What do you see trending in the blogger world?

xo brooke

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