Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sleeveless Accoutrements

As much as I love living in Houston, it is not always seasonably agreeable with my fashion choices. As beautiful fall 2012 has dropped it's multi-colored leaves upon the grounds of much of the US, Houston remains in the last weeks of summer weather. 

We had one cool front that was such a tease. So, as I wait oh so impatiently I have figured out a couple of ways to incorporate the trench and faux fur into my wardrobe.

I was on the hunt for a sleeveless trench for months when I happened upon the UK website   Pure Collection. I have a wishlist from this site that is growing daily. 

I used to be a little weary of ordering from overseas but since ordering from Topshop and ASOS all my fears were put to rest.

My next international ordering quest is going to be from Dorothy Perkins.

Shop the look!

xo brooke

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